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Comment Is Only A Link?

It wasn’t long after I’d posted my first post that it got a like, and a comment. I got a warm feeling thinking that someone had taken the time to write a comment on my blog post. It seemed cool. Then I looked at the comment. It was nothing more than a link back to their post on the same topic. It was a total let down. To me it meant that they’d probably just clicked the like button, copy and pasted into the comment the link and hit enter. Nothing more. I have my blog set so that I have to approve the comment. As I held the mouse over the button to let it go I started to ask myself a few questions.

Don’t I have a rule about comments?

I actually do have some basic guidelines about the comments on my blog. I want the comments to follow these basic rules:

  • Comply with the TOS and Community Standards of WordPress
  • Be respectful
  • Not be advertising and to link back to a website to do so in other ways than in the comment.

If someone is posting only a link back to their blog as the entire comment; then that’s advertising. That’s putting a link out there for people to follow to get to their post.

Do I have to allow the comment?

It’s a question that I pondered for some time. The comment is still sitting there in the moderation area waiting for its fate to be decided. Had the comment been an actual comment, no matter how short or long, I’d have let it through. But, as it’s just a link; and came within seconds of a like and follow, I’ve decided to delete it. The two main reasons: it breaks my own rules, and it’s not a comment that I want on my blog. There is nothing out there that says I have to allow every comment just because someone filled out the comment form. It’s my blog.

It’s my blog

This is my blog and my corner of the massive world wide web. It’s a place for me to write posts that share my opinion. It would be nice for others to like, comment, and follow. At the end of the day I blog because I like blogging.

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6 thoughts on “Comment Is Only A Link?”

    1. That’s a hard one too. Because the post you wrote on your blog is like a comment on the entire discussion. I’d think linking in a post like that would be good. Then it shows where the inspiration for the post came from, and hopefully continues the discussion. Perhaps making a comment on their post too? Not sure what the etiquette would be for that.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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