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Another Diet Weight Loss Plan

Like millions of people; I’m overweight. I’ve always weighed a bit more than I was supposed to weigh. Like millions of people, I work hard to lose weight and keep it off. It can be easy then to see the “new and great” diet plan being pushed in the news and on websites; and get pulled into it all. I’d love to shed the weight I have yet to lose. Today I clicked on a link to check out the newest and latest diet plan website; well new to me. I landed on a questionnaire. It seemed harmless, so I filled in the basic information it asked for. Nothing that was too personal. But then it went to a psychological survey/questionnaire. The preliminary results would be emailed to me. I had to give them my email address. I started to fill out the next series of questions; and stopped part way through. I realized that I was being led down a path with all of the survey’s, emails, and messages on the screen about their great “not a diet” diet plan. It was all being done to pull me in, so that after all of that, and the emails; I’d feel compelled to go for it. Because I’d spent all that time, effort and energy; and what would it hurt?

I checked my email and found the preliminary analysis that they sent out. It said that I would lose the majority of the weight in seven months. And that I’d reach my weight loss goal in eight months. I did the math and that last month I’d only be losing 2.2 pounds. It also came out to my losing approximately 7 pounds a month. I blinked and thought that would be super. I’ve slowly lost over 70 pounds in the past two or so years. I lose some, then hover for a bit, put on a few pounds again, only to lose them once again. In all that time though; I’ve never regained more than 5-10 pounds and have managed to lose that weight and more. It comes out to about 3 pounds a month. I know some months it’s more; but then I don’t get on a scale all that often. I’ve been lectured and body shamed by medical professionals. So, losing all that weight in that short of time would be super.

Then I did the search I should have at the start: Reviews of XYZ plan and how much does it cost?

In one article I read, in a national newspaper/magazine, I found out that on this particular weight loss plan I could expect to only lose about 1/2 to 2 pounds a month; depending on how many calories I restricted myself to eating. Not the around 7 pounds a month that they sent in that preliminary analysis. That was disheartening to read. Because I’d feel frustrated and upset at myself if I believed I’d lose 7 pounds in a month; only to get to the end of the month and have lost only 2. In other articles I read, it seemed that everyone was restricted to 1,200 calories a day. I went to the NIH Body Weight Planner and filled in the same information. I indicated I would increase my daily activity. They suggested that to reach that body weight goal in the next 8 months, I should consume 1,877 calories a day.

There was more on how the plan worked.

It mentioned how people had to weigh in daily, track everything that they ate, track the calories, and see the categories the foods landed in. The plan used color coding for the food groups. Even foods that are nutritious for a person they put into the red group due to the high calorie content. I’d be spending most of my day focused on food and worried about everything I put into my mouth. Not to mention worried about meeting my daily weigh in goal, and having to explain why one day I ate more in calories than I should have. I’d be teaching myself to avoid the red foods because they’d cost me the most calories. I know, in the end, what it’d all do to my mental health. It also made me realize that despite all claims they were in fact pushing a diet.

As I read through it all; I realized I’d done what they were selling as their main plan. I’d done everything that they were going to teach me. I might not have the daily affirmations, or support group that they were offering. But the rest of it; I’d done. My slow method of weight loss; works. It works for me. It might not be as fast as the doctor wants. But then again he wants me at a weight that I’d literally have to stop eating to achieve. By doing it my way, I can eat pretty much what I want. I don’t feel guilty if I eat two tablespoons of ice cream one day. I know that I can and still will lose weight; by eating in moderation.


I’m not a health professional, dietician, doctor, or nurse. This post describes my experiences with weight loss and my opinion about an unnamed weight loss not a diet, diet, plan that is out there right now. My post does not substitute for the opinion of your doctor or health care professional.


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