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What does it mean?

What does it mean if someone copies a section of what you wrote in a post, makes a few minor changes, puts someone else’s name at the bottom; and leaves it for a comment?

On my last post, that happened. I worked hard to write that post. I know I read a few articles from news sources about that weight loss plan. But I wrote the article. I even copied and pasted the section they had into a search and came up with nothing. I used the details the plan sent me, what I found on their website, and two facts only found in a news article. I didn’t link to the sources because I didn’t believe that diet plan was worthy of any more free advertising.

What did work in the guys comment was the link on his gravatar back to his website. A diet website about other popular diet plans.

I’d chalk it up to being a spam comment. Mostly because they didn’t actually say anything. If they were going to accuse me of copying someone else’s post; why not link to that post as proof? If they were trying to agree with me; then why not just agree? And why put a different name at the bottom of the comment. The different names is how spam comments appear in all the comments WordPress sends to the spam folder. They had made changes to the section they’d copied and put in the comment area. Including one spelling error that I didn’t have. Which is what made it all the more strange. They didn’t try to contact me off my contact form.

What do you do when that happens? Do you approve the comment? Ignore it? What?


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