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Three Things I Couldn’t Live Without?

The daily prompt, “what are three objects you couldn’t live without?” is asking us to focus on material objects that we believe we’d die if we didn’t have them in our lives. Among some of the other daily prompts I’m wondering whose coming up with them. At any rate this question is one that seems cute until someone takes a moment to think about it. I’m sure most people would name their electronic devices; computers, cell phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, etc. While others might include a book. I really wonder if anyone would really die if they didn’t have those things?

If any one of those things went away, would the person actually die? It’d be hard to navigate for a while; and they’d have to see about getting things repaired or replaced. There are things that I’d be upset if I lost them. Or if they were stolen from me. I might not be able to replace the object; but I wouldn’t die without it. I’d still remember it, and probably have a picture of it somewhere. The other problem with thinking that we would die without something; we then never want to throw it out. Because we just have to have whatever it is.

I wonder how many people who said they can’t live without a computer have taken a day off from technology recently? One day where they didn’t turn on a computer, or look at a cell phone for anything more than answering a call. I wonder how many of those who can’t live without a cell phone are so fixated on them that they ignore the people they are with. Have we become a society that worships technology and things; above everything else? Is it all about what we have and who cares about anyone else?

Technically in order to live humans need: food, shelter, water, air, and clothing. Past that we need: human companionship, medical care, and medicines. There are things that we use in order to be able to afford to buy food, shelter, water, clothing, medical care, and medications.


2 thoughts on “Three Things I Couldn’t Live Without?”

  1. I once was allowed to enter a monastery for a couple of weeks. They did not speak unless absolutely necessary. I’ve been told I would die if I couldn’t talk by people who know me. After three days I was still alive but many of the things i was used to had disappeared from my life. Different things became more important. Without all the distractions of life things that happened
    became ‘fuller’ and everything became clearer. Before i left a monk said to me (we did get some talking in) “If you really want to bring life into focus try not breathing for a few minutes.” so i guess one thing i wouldn’t want to lose is my ability to breath. Physical things; not so much.

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