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What I’ve Watched More Than 5 Times

There are a few movies and television series that I’ve watched more than once. When it comes to those that I’ve watched more than five times the number is even smaller.

They are the following:


Star Wars: In particular episodes 4-6. I love Star Wars. Its one of the few that I can watch over again, even though I can recite the lines with the characters. I also know the different versions and can pick out where they made changes. When it comes to the debate about who shot first; Han or Greedo, it was Han.

TV Series

Are You Being Served (BBC TV Series): This is one of the funniest television series I’ve seen. Its about employees who work in a department store in England. The show starts with the womens department moving onto the same floor as the mens department.

MASH: This is about a MASH unit in the Korean war. I’ve seen some of the episodes more than a few times.

Hogans Heros: This is a comedy show about WW2 prisoners of war in a camp. They get into all sorts of trouble. Its a light and funny show.

Babylon 5: Is a science fiction show set in the future. Its about a space station. It ran for five years. I liked the characters and how they evolved over the show.


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