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Wishing To Do

There are some days when my to-do list doesn’t get as much crossed off as other days. I know I’ve been busy, but it seems like nothing got done. It’s like this joke from years ago:

It’s normal for people to get to the end of the day and wish they could have done more, or made time for someone or some activity. I could sit here and list several things that I wish I could spend more time doing every day. There are only twenty-four hours in a day. Once a person subtracts time for sleeping, eating, bathroom and work; the amount of free time a person has is a small sliver of time. Focusing on the things that I wish I could do more of; takes me away from focusing on what I accomplished during the day.

Thinking about what achievements I got done, however small, helps me to feel like I did something. It’s a boost to ones self esteem and has a more positive message. If I think about what I didn’t do, or should have done, then I feel bad because I didn’t get it all done. The internal message then is negative. What those small wishes do allow is for me to realize how I should prioritize the time that I do have. If there is some activity I wish I had time to do; then I have to figure out how to make the time for it. If there is a person that I think I should have taken the time to talk to; then I need to prioritize reaching out and talking to them.


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