A Leisurely Chat is a place where I share my thoughts, ramblings, and observations about everything that I find of interest.

  • Ramblings, thoughts, observations
  • Anything I find funny and want to pass along to others.
  • Any word or quote that I find interesting enough to pass along.
  • Public service announcements

In short, I am an equal opportunity blogger in that anything that interests me could potentially be blogged about.  A lot of my posts fall into the category of educational, personal opinion, quotes, word of the day, book reviews, movie reviews, etc.  Any opinions expressed are mine.  Any opinions expressed in comments are the responsibility of the author of that comment.

I add posts when I can and some days I post nothing and other days I might post 7 items.  Be aware when subscribing that if you do not want to receive posts more than once to edit preferences to receive the daily or weekly digest.  Or subscribe by RSS Feed and set up a folder in your email program to collect them all and read when you want.

This blog will from time to time link to other sites.  Comments posted might also link to other sites.  This blog is not responsible for the content or policies of the other sites.