Privacy Policy

This blog a free one hosted by WordPress.


If you follow this blog I can see your follow information. If you have a WordPress account I see your Gravatar and User Name. If you follow by email then I see your email address.

At any time you may unfollow my blog. Then I won’t have that information. I also can remove you as a follower from my blog.


If you like a post that like is on the post. I cannot remove the like, only you can.


Everyone can see your comments. WordPress does not allow the comment author to delete their comment from any blog. It is up to that blog to remove them if requested.

You can request that I remove your comments from my blog at any time by filling out the contact form and requesting their removal.

Keep in mind that I and others might in a reply quote from your comment. Or someone might rely to your comment. Those comments will not be altered.


IP address is collected with every comment. I have no control over that and cannot edit that out of the comment section. However it is not seen by anyone else.

What I Do With The Data:

Absolutely nothing. I don’t sell the data. I leave it as it is.